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SST & MA Policy

Who are we?

LTDA GESTRADIR Policy on Safety, Health (OSH & MA) is based on the following principles:
We assume that communicating, we faithfully Safety and Health at Work, which is a commodity not traded, and that benefit people and the business of this company. By this principle, we demonstrate our commitment, to inform our internal and external partners through this POLICY HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK & ENVIRONMENT, the following:
The first commitment we have is our workforce, we believe that staff with the proper motivation can achieve better yields and thus provide the best of our company, to be better every day. This undoubtedly will affect service quality, we must be constantly adapting to the requirements of customers to their satisfaction.
In this sense we find our power, to develop routine and non routine taking steps to protect the integrity and health of workers and prevent environmental impacts. That is why, from now on, all plans, programs and procedures, under Security, Occupational Health & Environment, must consider and respect the principles of our management policy on OSH & MA.
Then the guiding principles to consider our actions will be:
- Our partners and thus we refer to its own employees and contractors before starting any task, should control hazards and risks that may affect their physical integrity, health personnel and the environment.
- To achieve the above, the dangers and risks must be identified, evaluated and controlled, to take mitigation measures appropriate to the magnitude of risk control.
- Strive periodically to comply with current Chilean law, in matters of Safety, Occupational Health & Environment.
- All who make this company, we strive for, our indicators and result in security management, occupational health and environment, constantly improve, this should be a process for continuous improvement of our Safety Management System , Occupational Health and Environment.
- To do this we train you to reach a desired state of security management, labor health and environment, the evidence of this element of continuous improvement, we will see when customers request our services, advice and product that will grow our business days day.
- Also suitable to build a relationship and communication with customers, you need to be aware of their own principles, standards, procedures, OHS & Environment, and rescue those who can encourage us to improve our internal management in these areas.

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